Waasigan Enterprise

Current Projects

GDB First Nations is the medical division of Waasigan Enterprise, and is headed up by Dr. Douglas Harrington MD. We are partnered with the Spokane Tribe and T-Creek Labs to establish 2 new labs. One a Specialty Research Lab focused on preventive medicine and utilizing our PULS Test  and lipid Profiles to make a positive change in the health of our Tribal communities.

We will also be developing a Fully CLIA-Certified Confirmatory Laboratory Serving the Needs of Multiple Medical Specialties, including: Pain Management, Psychiatric Medicine, Substance/Addiction Treatment and Recovery, Occupational Health, Internal Medicine, Primary Care and Community Health.

Waasigan Enterprise is partnered with Solar Blue and is developing a 100 MW Tribal Solar Utility with the Spokane Tribe. We will also be bringing the solar panel manufacturing opportunity with will allow for additional economic development. In addition to these two project we are doing a design build .5 MW solar project in Minnesota.

Waasigan is partnered with Intelligent Partnerships and RE Powell to develop a Tribal 8a fuel distribution company in Eastern Washington.