Waasigan Enterprise

About Us

Wassigan Enterprise is a 100% Aboriginal owned company located on the Anishinaabeg of Naongashiing First Nation Ontario. We specialize in energy efficiency technologies that honor our Native Principles. Also focusing on economic development in Canada and the United States.

It is our goal to help build a bridge between our People in Canada and the US, building a "Indian Economy" and someday a International Aboriginal Economy. We are dedicated to working with all members of the community to advance the educational and economic opportunities for Native Americans in Canada and the United States.

We are always looking for partners that hold our same values, honoring Mother Earth and our Seven Generation values. Native and Non Native partners that seek to create a stronger world with sustainable jobs in manufacturing, labor, sales and management.

We have offices in Ontario and Florida, and partners throughout North America.


The Seventh Fire prophecies speak of time when we all will have a choice between two paths. The first path is well worn and scorched. The other is less traveled and green. It is up to us as united communities and individuals on which path to choose.

Aboriginal communities, individuals and businesses are in a position to be the leaders of this "Green Revolution". It is our opportunity to lead with the values of our past.


Waasigan Enterprise is dedicated to developing American Indian economic self-sufficiency through Native business ownership, focusing on businesses that uphold our Traditional First Nations values.

Waasigan supplies technical assistance and consulting services in all areas of business development to Aboriginal and American Indian owned small businesses and tribal enterprise operations. Our Management Team has over 50 years of combined experience in Tribal Law, Engineering, Business Development, Medicine, Lobbying support and Customs related issues.

Waasigan Enterprise also works with federal government agencies, corporations and foundations to facilitate a business relationship between Indian enterprises and private industry. We are a Industry Canada, approved Vendor, and focused not only on bringing Indian enterprises and products to the Canadian and US Government, but also in developing a strong Indian Economy by developing a economic link between Bands in Canada and US Tribal Nations.

We are able to bring in business partners who have been vetted that understand and respect our sovereignty and cultural values. Who will not exploit our natural resources and will accept that all businesses in Indian Country will be Indian owned.