Boozhoo!! Welcome to Waasigan Enterprise

Boozhoo (Hello)

I, Patricia Big George, President of Waasigan Enterprise, want to personally thank and welcome you for viewing our new website.  I humbly grew up on Naotkamegwanning FN a community that is thriving and prosperous.  I am a registered community member and Chief of Anishinaabeg of Naongashiing First Nation.  Please feel free to virutally visit my proud community by clicking on the community name. Below are three of our native american energy symbols which I have chosen to share; waasigan - lightening arrow signifying electric energy, nibi - vertical lines signifying energy from water, Giizis Aki - two triangles signifying energy from the earth & sun derived by the Lakota people. ALL a natural resource that we have used since the beginning of time into the future, as mother earth graciously shared with us her gifts of life. We, Anishinabe people, are true survivors by overcoming what has been put forth in our path, including the Indian Residential School era. In partnering with industry leaders such as Dr. Douglas Harrington a world renowned Cardiologist and Research Scientist we have an opportunity to make a positive impact on the lives and health of our Tribal members. Partnering with Solar Blue we now have the capacity to not only design and build tribal utilities but also the financial backing to bring projects to fruition. Our experienced management team can and will help you in establishing Tribal 8a organizations to take advantage of government contracting

Hope you will enjoy your visit and come back soon.